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Call Cheater DRunKEn FuN MiniCommander Free Download

Download Aplikasi HP Handphone Gratis (Java Symbian) Mobiles Free
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Still RememBer Mey?

I've gotTa few Of Nice Gim And ApplicatioN for Java's Phone.

NOt3 : OnlY tesTed On My MOto and noT worKinG @ All.

Just TRy anD TRy


A. Aplikasi

Call Cheater

The above app makes "fake calls" after a period of time, for example you're in a meating and want to get out after lets say 15 minutes ? simple, you set the phone to ring in 15 minutes, select who the call is from and what ringtone to useIt doesn't actually make any calls, it just simulates that you have a call. Only problem is that the list of people to choose from is very limited, about 10 names are there (and i didn't see any way to change them).

(Dengan Aplikasi ini kamu dapat membuat panggilan palsu! Penasaran kan?)

Medical Abb.

Note: Dis Application Is suitable for Someone Getting Medicine College. Or Biology Class, maYbe?
MedicalAbbreviation v1.0(
Vikrant Chavan)
Compatible with all J2ME devices.Easy to use.
RIGHT: next word.
LEFT: previous word.
UP: scrollup.
DOWN: scrolldown.
Press '*' to add symbols {&,#,-,.,/,'}.
Press '#' for Main Menu.
Programmer: Vikrant P. Chavan.


Dis Application contain of Few Of Types Of Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, what's their nick and how to make it. Gud Application. Works on All J2me devices.


Daku Gak Tew Aplikasi Ney Tuk Apa. Yang Jelas di Hape Gwa Gak Bisa


MiniCommander can open audio video image and zip files

Changes in the latest version 3.0:

[+] Creating / changing ZIP- archives. (degree of compression: 9-maximum, 0-no compression)

[+] The new main menu.

[+] The new regime of the functional buttons 1-9 in the main window. Now these buttons operate in two modes: fast and hitting Pressing to keep. And consequently have two functions. In the Help buttons with extra features marked "+".

Now their appointment follows:

Pressing Fast:

[1] - Help

[2] properties file / folder and changing attributes

[3] text-View

[4] - text editor

[5] - copying

[6] - move

[7] - creating folders

[8] - removal

Long Pressing:

[2 +] properties of the disk -

[3 +] - view text with a preliminary choice of encoding

[4 +] text-editor with a preliminary choice of encoding

[6 +] renamingPause long pushing through the settings can be changed.

[+] Search files on the mask (not working in the archives)

( "*" and "*.*" give the same result). Running through the main menu.

[+] Fast audio and video through installation time through the menu (at the little-SE can be more than 20 minutes did not move).

[+] Support encodings CP1251 and CP866 for browser and editor. Encryption is selected via the pop-up menu. You can also set the default encoding settings.

[+] An independent panel of sorting. Selected from the main menu. Sorting Out settings removed.

[+] Sorting by size (from large to smaller).

[+] sort by date and size of the files.

[+] Added font - Font phone. " It will be used by choosing the font, a built-in phone. Done at the request of foreign users.

[+] The opportunity to attributes for a group of files and folders.

[+] work with files *. NTH how ZIP- archives.

[+] audiopleera Background Mode (via the menu includes player). Reverse entrance to the player via the main menu.

[+] Displaying its current location at the top panels (can be turned off).

[+] Displaying the size of the file / group files (except folders) (can be turned off). Attention! When reading the list of large files may significantly slow because the opening of each file is required for its size. The same thing will be if prioshodit include sorting by date or file size.

[+] key is added / S teams in the DEL command interpreter. It removes all reference files for the mask and subfolders. Sami folders is not removed.

[+] Image Rotation (buttons to the right / left).

[+] Password access to the program (set configured).
Switching tracks in audiopleere now running buttons up / down, but not right / left.
modified order by date, the files are now built with a new starting to older.

RinGtoNe SearCh

To searching Any KInda of Tones through your Phones by GPRS. Nice Graphic.


Gud Application to store notes, your banking personal info, credit card, phone number, bla-bla-bla and protected wid passWORD. Dis is enjoyable application wid enjoyable Interface. TrY Dis One, especially IF u Easy2Forget somethin'or a businessman.

2. Games


Seems Kinda Of Nice Gim. Reminding Me of At The Dolphin bay. Hehe


Nice Game, DudE!

Age Of Empire III

Very nice Gim! Closer to its computer version. There're campaign plays Too!


I Dunno Wat kInda Gim it Was. HUh


Like StarWars, I think...


Umm..Just Speechless!

Greater Than Sudoku

Connect2the internet 1st! It's for ads.


Nice Gim. Adventure. Fighting and surviving.try dis One!


I knew Nothing ^ ^

Pokemon Gen

Pokemon Trading


3. INternet&Chat


BlueTootH WalkIE TalKie


Could Connect to YM, IM, bla-bla-bla, for free!!

SFR Windows

Sumber :


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