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Who Wants to be a Millionaire 4 Java Games Download Gratis

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Guys, ever you heard about slumdog millionaire?

well, it's a movie which tell us about a slam that join a contest named who wants to be a millionaire.

he does it not for the money,nor glory.
he just do that for finding his true love. A girl that growing up together with him but they must separated after they joining a camp that collects children for begging.

In one night, his old brother saw that the owner took off the eyes of one of the kids because he've sing perfectly.

After it, his old brother must call him to perform his sing and if his sing is good, he'll have some destiny with the token off eyes.

his brother choose to run away with him but do not took the girl to follow them, so the girl has been catch up by the owner of the camp.

However, he always remember about this girl and one day, he'll go back to that town, looking for her and after it he meet the blind-eye begging singer who was the kid that his eyes has been taken by the owner.

the blind kid told him where the place of that girl (in a boarding house) and finally they met her.

his old brother was enthusiast with her because now that girl was a beatiful girl.

before they go, the old brother killed the owner for revenge that make his friend blind.

After it, the old brother get drunk and intercouse with that girl. He feel very broken heart because of that and he's run away until he become adult man.

By the way, the old brother and him meet again and he still remember about that girl and asking the elder "Where is she?"
the elder brother just asking
"u still remember her?"
he follow his old brother and then he met her at luxurious house. She is owned by the boss of elder brother now and she always get hurts by him so he ask her that he'll wait hair at train station to go somewhere together , forever.

They've meet then but the guard of her husband know about it and catch that poor girl and make a scratch by a sharp knife on her face.

After it, she moved nowhere, and he feel so sad bout it.

So he went to who wants to be a millionaire just to find out where the girl is (because the girl, like many indian, love this variety show so much), and fortunately he could answer almost all of the question (not because he's smart but because all of the questions is his own experience)

Will he wins that game?
will he wins that girl?


Btw ni game susah amir.. maklum, pertanyaannya seputar negara2 bulai antah berantah gitu...

keknya biar bisa jawab, mesti search di google dulu deh, hehe

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Relive the tension of one of the most popular game shows in the world! Test your general knowledge skills as you try to reach the magic million pound question in this fantastic mobile version of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'. The game includes all the features of the TV show, including 50/50, Phone A Friend and Ask The Audience. The questions are randomly drawn from a pool of hundreds of different general knowledge brain teasers, so every time you play it's a totally new challenge! It's the perfect play anywhere, anytime mobile game.

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2 = up
4 = left
6 = right
8 = down
5 = select

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