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Sign your own application symbian .sis no imei needed

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SISContents is a tool that allows you to unpack,
edit and sign Symbian 9 SIS packages (Nokia S60 3rd,
5th Edition and Sony Ericsson UIQ 3.x platforms are supported).
It helps you to inspect the files contained in SIS packages,
to see certificates against which it was signed as well as to view the PKG script that describes the on-device installation process.
You can also edit the contents of packages and sign them after that.


(kesulitan ama bahasanya? simpel ajah.. pake google translate di sebelah kanan post ini. Pilih bahasa Indonesia. Tunggu sebentar, dan jadi deeehh, simpel banget loh, tanpa perlu meninggalkan halaman situs ini)

Main features of SISContents:
- read the contents and show information on SIS packages;
- unpack files from SIS packages;
- extract embedded components of packages as sis files (including certificates and signatures if they are signed);
- view and save installation PKG script;
- sign packages, show information on certificates (validity period, issuer, subject, etc.) and delete them from package;
- edit packages: modification of name, vendor, version, type of installation, supported platforms (devices) is available. You can also add, replace and delete files/components containing in a package and change capabilities, UID3, SID of executables (i.e. Exe, dll, ldd, etc.);
- read the contents and unpack files from N-Gage packages;
- extract and edit contents of mif files embedded in sis packages;
- view and extract images from multibitmap (mbm) files embedded in sis packages.

Compatibility: Windows XP/2003 Server/Vista/2008 Server

How aforementioned features work:

Download zip archive with SISContents,unpack it and run application, so that it can update settings file. Then close app and open extsis.ini. There are two parameters:


First parameter is responsible for the name of a directory where files of sis package are extracted. It can have the following values:
%filename% - the name of the folder is the same as a name of sis file being unpacked;
%pkgname% - the name of the folder depends on the name of package (it's not the same as %filename%);
%uid% - package UID (old behavior);
%pkgver% - version of sis package.

You can combine these values as you wish, for example:

ExtractionDirFormat=%pkgname% - %pkgver%
or something else.

If value of ExtractionDirFormat is empty (ExtractionDirFormat=) SISContents will suggest you to choose the folder where you want to save files of sis package.

Try this and you'll see the difference Smile

Decompession of executables:

To turn on this option parameter UncompressExecutables in extsis.ini should be of value 1 (UncompressExecutables=1). SISContents uses petran utility from Symbian for decompression. If you have S60/UIQ SDK you can find it there, if you don't - link on zip archive.
Create sub-directory Plugins in the folder of SISContents, and place there petran.exe. Henceforward all executables will be decompressed during unpacking of sis package

Update a characteristic
- add folder directly all files build Sis file
- increase solution of batch processing mode to press
- correction solution presses N-Gage file issue
- the BUG that amends to add component
- support procrastinates drag transaction file
- other BUG
Software function:
SiSContents is a very powerful solution the bag makes packet of tool
1, supportive solution bag bales S60 the 3rd edition Sis/sisx file, support separate solution to press among them random a file
2, editor Mif file, delete, add newly, save, replace the picture inside
3, support examines solution to control Ngage game file
4, support examines modification Exe, the attributive of Dll
5, support edits Sis, replace, add newly, delete package, bale afresh
5, derive Pkg file (supportive Chinese)
6, identify take If, the Sis of Else statement, solution package goes different source file
7, examine a file to whether already signed, examine certificate information, take out autograph
8, modification software UID3 and SID
9, supportive software autograph

SiSContents For S60v3 V1.10 Build3 Chinese change edition [print this article]Software type: Systematic government
Accredit means: Free edition
Develop business: Sealed

How to use it?

1. Download it from here

2.Extract the file and put it to any folder that you want

3.Open extsis.exe

4.Here's the layout of the program

click file-->open-->choose file with .sis or .sisx or .n-gage---> enter
5.Here's the result ( i take assasin's creed game)

you can edit the content of this sis file. Choose Tools-->edit packages
for example,i change the vendor name from gameloft to v3.
How come?
see the picture below :

click that button (number 1), and you'll bring too new tab which is looks like this:

vendor unique name: the origin name was gameloft. but i change it to my name: v3, haha
click to button 1, it's actually not indonesia ( surely not, very little games comes from here, especially mobile games, dunno why , but yeah, because im indonesian and i love my country so yeah, i change the origin country from uk or usa (i forget, don't care). And of course, i change the name to v3.
Then, after you finish edit this tab, click OK.

You'll see now that the vendor name has been changed to v3.

Below vendor name, there's package name. you could change it too to any name that you want!!!
the step is as easy as the way I change the vendor unique name. And the origin package name is the file name. I let it in original name, however.

Below the package name there's creation date. You could change it too!!!
SO fuNTasTIc Right??!

After creation date, you'll see the creation time. I don't think that it's important so i let it in its original time.

after it, you'll see installation type. Click to it and you'll see some options of type of installations type.
There's installation (SA), Augmentation (SP), Partial Upgrade (PU), Pre Installed app (PA), Pre installed patch. Because it's an application which i want to install to the phone, so i let it into the original ones, INSTALLATION. And i suggest u not to change this section, OK?!

Target device :

Inside the target device there's a list of the mobiles which is support this file (18 devices) . And the target file is supported from the software itself (siscontents). You could add more mobile phones to this section by click add.
If you leave it to the original mobile phones, you'll see this phone :
nokia n95,nokia 5700, nokia 6290, Nokia 6110 ID navigator, samsung i560, nokia n series and so on.
Signing status : unsigned. You could change it to signed. But better to leave it to the original (if it's already signed). But if the application is trully unsigned, what you need is to changed it to signed ones.
language and soft depencies--> better to leave it to normal yeah??

Then.. how to sign it?
Click tools--> sign package

Click to signing profiles and choose to any profile that is available. I choose it to SISContents self-signed certificate. Then I click add.
Wait for a moment, then you'll see (as you see in the picture above):
signature algorithm : SHA1 with DSA ---> cert.validity period : 2008 to 2033

Then.. if you feel like it's absolutely complete, just feel free to click on File--> save as :
then, save it and copy this file to your mobile phone. And finally, install it!!!

But if you only need the .pkg file. Dun worry! wat u need is to click box colors brown (names extract file). Then you'll see that it's already extract to the opened folder. Copy it and move it to your phone.

No more worries about unsigned applications, no more waiting for imei replies, because there's no need for inputing your imei there!

note:you have to extract the (attach)sis contents zip/rar and keep the shell folder(contains certificate n key inside) in the same folder where you have extsis.exe..otherwise during signing it will ask you to browse the cert and key..
download :

Sumber :