Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Download Remind Me Application

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It seems that when the S60 team was developing their 3rd edition platform they left out some functionality that is typically standard with many other mobile phones. Don't be mad at them though; you can't fit every kind of cheese on one pizza! Besides, that's why we have great third-party developers like MobiFun Soft.

Remind Me is an app designed to just what you think it would do... Remind you! MobiFun Soft has taken the simple 'missed call beep' that we have all known since the dawn of the cell phone and fed it a generous dose of steroids. Remind Me can notify you of missed calls, new voicemails, new sms messages, and new emails.
Reminders can be tones, vibration, and light alerts or any combination of the three. Don't worry, the customization possibilities go way beyond that! For each of the four reminder categories, Remind Me allows you to choose which profiles will get each reminder, designate the time period between reminders, and designate the length of time the reminder should repeat. You can also specify a unique tone, vibrate option, and light alert style for each reminder category. Beyond that you can even choose how many times the phone should vibrate with each reminder and which lights on your phone should flash!

As an example using the Missed Calls reminder - I have it set to play a tone every two minutes for two hours and flash my display light every 30 seconds in my "General" profile. Then in my "Vibrate" profile I have the Missed Calls reminder configured only to vibrate two times every two minutes and flash the display light so that I am not disturbed by tones while in a meeting.

Rounding off the options in this great app are features like the ability to define the volume setting for each reminder tone (or make it profile dependant). You can also create a schedule so that Remind Me is active only for a certain period of time each day. I have it set to deactivate each night at 10:30pm - because if I miss your call or sms after that time I probably didn't want to talk to you! Then every morning it starts back up again at 8:00am.

Remind Me has undergone the Symbian signing process so it starts automatically each time you power up your mobile. It also uses very little system resources which is a big plus on my N80 where the battery life is lacking to say the least. In the end I really couldn't find anything bad to say about Remind Me, which is perhaps why I chose this great little app for my first review. It is reasonably priced, easy to configure, and most importantly it is very useful. If you don't believe me give it a try for yourself by downloading the demo version.

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Download Aplikasi HP Handphone Gratis (Java Symbian) Mobiles Free


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