Sunday, June 21, 2009

How To HACK for New Firmware with Anti-Hacking

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In an attempt to prevent one of the most creative solution in the hacking/modding scene, Nokia has introduced new firmware versions for most of their S60 powered phones. With the arrival of the newest firmware, Nokia successfully close the latest ROM Patcher on all updated S60 Phones.

Disabling the TRK application is actually quite smart move; especially consider that based on FCAs info that is the only weaknesses over Symbian 3rd Edition because the core security system has not been broken.

As a reaction, users have started to look for the new solutions to keep the ability for unlimited access even after the firmware upgrade. Now, to inform you that Nokia’s first attempt to find a way to kick users of the full system access was completely unsuccessful, mighty FCA has finally found a new weaknesses and can try to make some easy to follow How To for everyone.

Some FW in this categories are E90 running FW 210, E51 running FW 200 and several Nokia N95-3 and Nokia 95-4. Also this method work for N93 which never before have the luxury of doing HACKING.

However FCA already post his warning that unless you need this method please used the previous method first because its saver and more full proff method.

To begin you will require a package of this apps. Off course you will also require File Manager of somekind that can view restricted access such as Y-Browser and X-plorer.
Free download
new Firmware with Anti-Hacking : Y-Browser, X-plorer, FP1_hack_complete


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