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How to Mod or Hack your s60v3 firmware (unsafe method : could DANGER your pHone!!! )

How to Mod or Hack your s60v3 firmware (unsafe method : could DANGER your pHone!!! ) Download Aplikasi HP Handphone Gratis (Java Symbian) Mobiles Free
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How to Mod or Hack your s60v3 firmware (unsafe method : could DANGER your pHone!!! )

There is no perfect protection, there are no perfect solutions and it is only a question of time when the 3rd Edition security will be hacked.

Actually it has been broken already by the firmware patching but it is the extremely dangerous procedure and also Nokia have fixed it by encoding that part of firmware with the latest updates.

A simplified tutorial on how to mod/hack your firmware.

Kindly note its essential that you hack your firmware for the first time using the computer. Now working on both XP and Vi$ta

NOTE : FOR WINDOW$ VI$TA users kindly run all applications as admin "run as administrator" This can be done by right clicking on the files and then everything will work.

You will need certain softwares and a PC:

1. Download and Install ActivePython on your PC
2. Download and Install PySerial
3. The magic python script and TRK application
a.) for Nokia (n95 ,n82 ,etc.) + AppTRK / (for n73, n80 etc) + AppTRK
b.) for UIQ based (P1i , w960i etc.)
4. Application to turn security on and off (from phone)
a.) for Nokia (n95 ,n82 ,n73 ,n80 etc.)
b.) for UIQ based (P1i , w960i etc.)

The Real Part:

1. Install the AppTRK application on your phone's memory and start it, then in options>settings, select connection as USB.

2. Connect your phone to your PC via USB in PC Suite mode and then AppTRK will report connected on your phone
3. Go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Ports
OR in Windows Vista: Control Panel>System>Device Manager>Ports.
Note the COM Port your phone is using
4. Open the python script in notepad (the one downloaded in step 3 with .py extension)
5. Search "serial.serial" without quotes and then replace the numerical value in bracket with the value of your COM Port minus 1 i.e. if your port was 22 then replace it with 21.
6. Save the file
7. Run the script by simply double clicking it
8. Now if you see something like !!!!!!candidate!!!!!!! in the output window, or if you just saw the dos window and a few lines saying installing or sending etc, then.....
congratulations now your phone is really yours!!
9. Now you can exit the AppTRK application.
10. Verify the hack with >>X-Plore<<, see if you can explore c:/sys/ 11. Now if you will reboot the phone you will have to reactivate the hack with above procedure OR to do it without PC do the following(Note: for the first time PC hack is needed) 12.a.) For Nokia : I. copy CProfDriver_SISX.ldd from RAR downloaded in step 4a into C:\sys\bin II. install CapsOn.sisx III. install CapsOff.sisx b.) For UIQ based I. Copy patched trkdriver.ldd from rar downloaded in step 4b to c:\sys\bin\ II. Install CapsSwitch on your phone 13. Now you can switch security on and off without pc through these applications CapsOff = Security OFF and do whatever you want to do with your phone CapsOn = Restrictions ON After this hack you'll be able to install unsigned applications without SymbianSigned

Note: This tutorial is same for all symbian OS 9 phones(n95,n82,n73,n8,P1i,w960i etc.) until'n'unless mentioned

So here's the HOWTO for installing unsigned applications on your Symbian phone after you have hacked it(CapsOFF) :-

1. Download this rar file containing the certificate, the key and the authentication file for your phone. (Thanks to leftup of symbian freak)
2. Copy the file "00000001" to "C:\resource\swicertstore\dat\" on your phone and mark the file read-only from X-Plore or other similar file explorer. If the given directories do not exist , create them
3. So now your own authentication system is installed on your phone. Now you need to sign your sis files with the given certificate and key in the rar file.
4. For signing sis files (pc based method)(works for all Symbian OS 9 phones)
I) Download and install SignSis GUI on your PC
II) Select the given certificate and key(password is blank) given in 'the rar file you downloaded'
III) Select the file you need to sign and sign it and transfer it to your phone, install normally
IV) Now you have the application installed with all its capabilities


4. Mobile based method(no need for a pc), works only for Nokia phones
I) Download and install MobileSigner on your phone
II) Open MobileSigner and select and sign the 'unsigned sis file' and MobileSigner will generate a signed sisx file in the same directory as the source file.
III) Install the generated sisx file and application will be having all its capabilities.

This is the simplest and easiest way and it worked for me in one shot.

Enjoy [varunzzz]

Confirmed working with the new firmwares on the 6120c, N95 8GB and N82
Warning : We do not take any responbilities with the risk due to hacking your phone by using this way.


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