Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gothic 3: The Beginning by Handy-Games EN s60v2 J2ME

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Gothic 3: The Beginning by Handy-Games EN s60v2 J2ME

Enter the world of the unique RPG-spectacle in 2008! With Gothic 3 – The Beginning, the famous series finally starts on your mobile phone!
The story is set more than 140 years prior to the first part of the Gothic series. You slip into the role of young Xardas who is visited one night by Buthomar’s ghost. He asks you to find the four chosen ones. It’s with their help, that you shall bring back the sealed magic to the island Khorinis. The catch: evil forces simultaneously try to seize the cruel orcs, in order to attain the immense power of the banned magic rune stones! You alone can save the world of Gothic!
The exceedingly complex RPG will tie you to your display for hours! On your journey, you meet countless enemies, e.g. wolves, orcs, bandits or trolls. You talk to NPCs, collect weapons and other useful items, pick locks, trade and visit Khorinis’ best trainers. While solving your main assignment, you play small side-quests to gain experience points, gold and unique items. The quickslot-function, the clear menu structure and the intuitive controls create a relaxed gaming atmosphere and make it easy for newcomers to quickly find their way in the mobile world of Gothic.
Even if you manage to defeat evil for the time being, you can continue your adventure on Khorinis and further develop your character! Gothic 3 – The Beginning is a must have for every mobile gamer and assures many hours of pure gaming-fun!
Gothic © 2007 by Pluto 13 GmbH, Ruhrallee 63, Essen, Germany. Published by JoWooD Productions Software AG, Pyhrnstrasse 40, 8940 Liezen.
thanks to Zack

The RPG-spectacleof 2008 per se!

A must – not only for fans of Gothic!

Save the world of Gothic as young Xardas!

Story is based on the license of the successful Gothic-series for PC

The unique story is set 140 years before Gothic 1

Up to 14 different types of enemies, e.g. wolves, scavengers, orcs or trolls

7 magic spells, 28 weapon- and 10 armour-types

Many unique items and magic objects

More than 35 NPCs, trainers and enemies with realistic AI

More than 50 scenarios

Countless randomly generated battle locations

30 character-levels, 4 attributes and 5 skills

Pick locks in a minigame

8 quickslots simplify controls

Integrated tutorial gets you started easily!

Savegame-function with additional autosave

Songs from the official Gothic soundtrack!


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